Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MX - The Language of New Media 78-93

The idea of framing as a picture is a thought process that has been passed down from western art. This idea has now been placed in reality in our computers. It is interesting to think how printed two dimensional work most often does not attempt to utilize this idea of a frame yet when that information is translated onto the web it then becomes apart of this new world. Its like we have a lighted magnify glass in a very dark room and we are frantically trying to shove new information under it.. It also talk about the idea that we are wired to understand the interface which sounds absurd why we understand the interface is because it builds and evolves off of things that we already do or know how to do. It begins with things we understands and then educates about more ways of doing things which overall makes it a pretty easy system to understand. I really don't like computer games.

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